NFox’s Karl Kraft on the Apple/O’Grady Subpoena

Well this is interesting. NFox’s Karl Kraft posted a comment on Slashdot regarding the subpoena he was served regarding Jason O’Grady’s email that was subpoenaed by Apple:

I’m the ISP / person who was subpoenaed. I have no problem telling a company the size of Apple to pound sand, I’ve done it twice before and been successful. When I received the initial request I refused it because it wasn’t a subpoena signed by a judge.

I don’t feel threatened at all by Apple. At no point has Apple or their lawyers ever “intimated” me. On the other hand the EFF has attempted to coerce and intimidate me in this matter. Their legal filings imply that my conversations in response to the subpoena from Apple were violations of federal law. The EFF cherry picks what parts of the case they want to display on their web page. Meanwhile I have a foot tall stack of filings from the case.

Jason has left out that the reason that I got into the loop at all is because he used my phone and address instead of his for his domain registration. He has since changed it to a PO Box.

Friday, 14 April 2006