Jason Tomczak and the iPod Nano ‘Scratch’ Class Action Suit

Jason Tomczak was listed as the lead plaintiff in the class action lawsuit filed against Apple regarding iPod Nano scratchability, but according to this open letter from Tomczak, he never sought even to participate in the suit:

At no time did David P. Meyer & Associates or Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro ever receive any attorney-client agreement form from me. On their own time and based on their own schedules and plans, they prepared the paperwork and filed the iPod Nano Class Action suit in California using my name as Lead Plaintiff, however this was done without my knowledge or consent. […]

The senior partner of David P. Meyer & Associates and one of his representatives called me during the afternoon of October 21, 2005 to urgently request my signature on an attorney-client agreement — two days after the Class Action suit was filed; two days after they began their action against Apple; two days after the press had begun running the story. They then warned me that my family, friends, clients and I should expect to hear from the media and others interested in the iPod Nano Class Action suit.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006