Scoble Leaving Microsoft for Startup

Silicon Valley Watcher reports that he’s leaving Microsoft to join, a podcasting startup. They also dish up some juicy gossip about Scoble more or less being underappreciated within Microsoft:

Mr Scoble has expressed frustration working at Microsoft and he has also been unhappy with his compensation. He has created a tremendous amount of positive publicity for Microsoft but there have been many within the organisation that have resented his very public position. The company has not been able to control his views or his travels to various conferences and blogger meetings.

It is only within the past year that MSFT has tried to use his position as one of the most popular bloggers to its advantage, in public speaking engagements and other events. Before that, Mr Scoble had no travel buget and often would have to share hotel rooms and use his personal vacation days when speaking at various blogger conferences.

More from Dave Winer and TechCrunch. (Am I the only one who finds broken a couple of times a week?)

Sunday, 11 June 2006