‘Get a Mac’ Commercials Reviewed in Slate

Seth Stevenson reviews, and more or less pans, Apple’s new “Get a Mac” ad campaign because he dislikes the casting, and he thinks some of the anti-PC propaganda is too exaggerated. In their favor, he writes:

[…] the campaign is a marvel of clarity and simplicity. No slogans. No video effects. No voice-overs. And lots of clean, white space. It’s like a bath of cool mineral water when these ads come on after a string of garish, jam-packed spots for other products.

The more I see these ads on TV, the more I think this stylistic simplicity is as big a part of the ads’ intended message as anything the characters actually say. The characters are talking about the Mac; the tone, style, direction, and editing are about Apple.

Monday, 19 June 2006