iLounge Reviews New Nanos

Excellent comprehensive review of the new iPod Nanos by Jeremy Horwitz. Includes this interesting tidbit:

In a direct comparison between current and past 4GB iPod nanos, however, we discovered that the new nano transfers at around one-half the speed of its predecessor: it took 4 minutes and 35 seconds for the old nano to transfer a 2.58GB file - incidentally, a full DVD image of Windows Vista - while the new one took 9 minutes and 15 seconds for the same file.

Horwitz also links to this gallery of photos from a disassembled new Nano, which shows that, as rumored, Apple is no longer using components from PortalPlayer. I’m wondering if the USB transfer performance hit is related to the switch away from PortalPlayer.

Thursday, 14 September 2006