MDJ on Apple’s ‘Cease and Desist’ Request to Podcast Ready

Matt Deatherage figured out what’s going on after reading the full text of Apple’s cease-and-desist letter — it’s not because Podcast Ready was simply using the word “podcast”, it’s because Podcast Ready was attempting to file for their own trademarks on “podcast ready” and “myPod”:

Apple hasn’t said word one about tens of thousands of people using the term “podcast,” despite Apple’s “iPod” trademark and its claim on “Pod” as a portable audio player trademark as well. Apple took action against Podcast Ready because the firm, formerly known as Infostructure Solutions, was attempting to trademark the terms “Podcast Ready” and “MyPodder.” That would mean that other companies who wanted to use the term “podcast ready” would have to license it from Infostructure Solutions, even though the term is obviously and admittedly based on Apple’s “iPod” trademark. Apple cannot allow companies to register a variant on “myPod” as a trademark if it’s defending its own “iPod” trademark.

Thursday, 28 September 2006