Great Comment Thread on Shipley’s ‘Frozen in Carbonite’

Even if you’ve already read the article, the comments on Wil Shipley’s ‘Frozen in Carbonite’ post are well-worth a thorough perusal. Yes, yes, there’s a bit of nastiness from the zealots on both sides of the Carbon-Cocoa developer divide, but don’t let that distract you from the good stuff.

Shipley himself writes, regarding his intended point:

What I was trying to say was, “The authors of Carbon aren’t idiots, they are just patching a framework that is using older metaphors, and the results are always going to be unacceptable to me because I want newer metaphors.”

I wasn’t trying to say, “Carbon is old, Cocoa is new, thus Cocoa is better,” but instead the more subtle, “Carbon is based on an older metaphor of programming and is inherently flawed in my view because of it.”

Friday, 6 October 2006