Regarding Apple and Anonymous Employee Bloggers

Robert Scoble:

Here’s a question for Apple’s PR: what happens when only anonymous employees can blog? Hint: your PR will be controlled by anonymous people!

A few comments on this:

  1. Lots of Apple employees do have weblogs; some even write about Macs and Mac OS X. Are they allowed to write whatever is on their mind? No, definitely not. I’d certainly like Apple to take an at least somewhat more liberal policy on employee weblogs, but it’s absurd to claim none exist.

  2. From my perspective, Apple seems to be doing just fine controlling their PR message. There is certainly a case to be made that they should encourage more employees to write about their products, but I see no evidence that their hand is being forced by anonymous employee blogs. The key, perhaps, is that everyone I know who works for Apple really likes their job.

Tuesday, 10 October 2006