Et tu, Tim Cook?

Fake Steve has an interesting take on the Wall Street Journal’s profile of Tim Cook — that it’s a prelude to boardroom maneuvering regarding the stock options scandal/brouhaha:

So read the story, and pay careful attention to the space between the lines. Or let me decrypt it for you:

Mr. Cook is the low-key operator making sure the company is running smoothly behind the scenes.

Read: He’s already running the place.


He isn’t believed to have had a role in the backdating of stock-option grants.

Read: He’s clean, and ethical, unlike that SOB Steve Jobs.

It’s the fake Steve Jobs diary, so take it for what it’s worth — but it does seem a bit curious for a piece like this to appear in the Journal while the stock options trouble remains unresolved.

(Thanks to Arthur Jennings for the link.)

Monday, 16 October 2006