TidBITS Staff Roundtable Discussion on Eudora

Adam Engst seems cautiously optimistic about Eudora’s sibling-to-Thunderbird future.

My thinking is this: Even if they pull it off and design and ship an offshoot of Thunderbird, is the Mac version going to be a great Mac app like Camino, or a weird XUL-ish app like Firefox? I don’t have a timeline of Eudora’s entire history handy, but my hunch is that one could make the case that Eudora started going downhill when it went cross-platform.

That’s one thing I was always curious about regarding the “rewrite in Cocoa” announced two years ago — what were they going to do with the Windows version? It’s hard to make a good Mac app. It’s really hard to make a good Mac app while co-developing a Windows version of the same app.

Tuesday, 17 October 2006