Apple Should Offer iPod Owners Free Anti-Virus Software

MDJ makes a good suggestion regarding Apple’s reaction to the iPods that shipped with a Windows virus:

A company that prides itself on providing solutions would not blame Microsoft and link to trial versions of third-party software to fix the problem. The Apple that presents itself in advertisements would provide a free, limited, supported, non-trial version of one or more anti-virus programs that remove the affected virus on any system with an iPod connected, not just for 30 days, but in perpetuity. Oh, and they’d get rid of that buck-passing “it’s Windows’ fault” language, too. Be upset at Windows all you like, but don’t blame Windows for your error in not checking iPods for viruses — especially when you use the plethora of Windows viruses in ads as a reason to buy a Mac.

Wednesday, 18 October 2006