Huh-Huh! I Said ‘Phuc’!

So until I read this (once again, terrific) piece from El Macalopo, I didn’t realize that H.D. Moore, the quote-unquote “security researcher” who last week released an exploit called “daringphucball” that crashes Macs using the old circa 2001-2003 original AirPort cards, is the same guy who wrote this response to me during The Great MacBook Wi-Fi Hack Fiasco.

The Macalope has a good point here:

Despite the fact that Moore is being such a dick about it, you’ll notice there hasn’t been the same level of uproar about his exploit. Mostly because it’s on three-year-old systems, but also because he made a claim and he proved it. Contrast that to the precedent set by his good buddies, David Maynor and Jon “Johnny Cache!” Ellch.

Tuesday, 7 November 2006