Arno Gourdol on the Origins of ‘.DS_Store’ and the General Shittiness of the Mac OS X Finder

I hadn’t seen Arno Gourdol’s weblog before his aforelinked entry on the Mac OS X shutdown feature, but back in September he published a piece about how ‘.DS_Store’ files got their name. (It stands for “Desktop Services Store”.)

More interesting is this comment from Gourdol, on the OS X Finder itself:

I’ve been biting my tongue for a few years now, and while John Siracusa had been a thoughtful critic of the Mac OS X Finder, I must say I agree with almost everything he has to say about the Finder. … We actually used printouts of John’s columns to try to influence the decision makers at the time, as sometimes a voice from the outside is given more weight than a chorus on the inside. Unfortunately, there were powerful forces at work.

“Powerful forces”, eh?

Wednesday, 29 November 2006