The Design of the Mac OS X Shutdown Feature

Arno Gourdol, who was the Mac OS X Finder Lead at Apple from 1999-2001, responds to Joel Spolsky’s criticism of the Windows Vista shutdown features by discussing the design of Mac OS X’s. Gourdol argued for something far simpler — too simple, I think. Ben Skelton, in this comment on Gourdol’s post, does a great job explaining why all of Mac OS X’s shutdown features are useful.

Also, my guess is that the unnamed “Senior VP” at Apple whom Gourdol argued with, and lost, regarding this design was Scott Forstall.

Update: Forstall isn’t a “senior” VP, and wasn’t a VP at all at that time. A few knowledgeable little birdies have suggested that the only two likely candidates are Avie Tevanian and Bertrand Serlet, and most of the birdies are voting for Bertrand. Thanks, birdies.

Update 2: A few more birdies have chirped, and the overwhelming consensus is now that it was Avie Tevanian. Overwhelming, I say.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006