DiskWarrior 4.0

I just can’t recommend DiskWarrior highly enough. I’ve seen it several times, first-hand: DiskWarrior can repair disks that no other utility can fix. Version 4.0 adds full support for Intel-based Macs. $99 for a new license, $49 to upgrade. I fully agree with Michael Tsai:

Alsoft is a pleasure to do business with, and they’re on the very short list of companies from whom I will buy an upgrade sight-unseen as soon as I see that a new version is available.

Update: I must say, though, that it sucks that if you upgrade, your only option is to wait for a physical CD to be shipped to you, and you must pay $9 in shipping. That’s a $59 upgrade, not a $50 upgrade. I’d gladly pay $50 for a download-only upgrade.

Wednesday, 6 December 2006