Jackass of the Week: Gizmodo’s Brian Lam

On Thursday, Gizmodo’s Brian Lam “guaranteed” that the iPhone was going to be released today, and that it “wasn’t what [he] expected at all”. It ends up “iPhone”, as a trademark, is owned by Linksys and they’re using it for some sort of VOIP handset. Big whoop. Today he writes:

Macheads — including those from Macrumors, Think Secret, TUAW, and Cult of Mac — know Apple likes to release gear on Tuesdays. So they probably didn’t expect an Apple iPhone today, even after my original post. If you did read into it incorrectly and feel like I misled you, apologies for the discomfort.

I certainly didn’t believe that Apple was going to announce a major new product the Monday before Christmas, but it’s pretty fucking clear that’s exactly what Lam’s teaser was intended to imply. To claim now that it wasn’t shows that he’s a complete jackass.

Monday, 18 December 2006