AppleInsider Reports That iPhone CPU Is From Samsung

Two bits of news on the “What CPU does the iPhone use?” front. First, AppleInsider, citing “people familiar with the new Apple handset”, reports that the CPU is from Samsung. That contradicts the report last week in the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, in which the CEO of Intel Italy was quoted saying the CPU is from Marvell.

What’s interesting is that the article in Il Sole 24 Ore has been revised and no longer includes any mention of the iPhone at all. Right down the memory hole.

My best guess is that Apple has iPhone prototypes using different ARM-family CPUs and they haven’t yet decided or finalized the deal. It doesn’t take six full months for FCC approval of a new device, so I think they have a bit of time to tinker before they need to set it in stone.

Thursday, 25 January 2007