Jim Cramer: ‘AT&T Will Win Wireless War With iPhone’

More from Jim Cramer on his scoop that AT&T intends to offer free service with the iPhone:

Management sounded like kids when talking about the iPhone and how it was going to remake AT&T and that it was the greatest invention they’ve ever seen.

Now, AT&T’s all about market share, and if you read between the lines, I think you see a strategy coming where the device’s $500 price point is preserved but the service contract is greatly reduced. I think that AT&T — and not Apple — is the key to this next leg, and CEO Stan Sigman can make it happen.

Update: Here’s a link to Cingular’s Q4 2006 conference call (26 MB MP3 file). If you liked Cingular CEO Stan Sigman’s riveting performance onstage during the Macworld keynote, you’re going to love this. He talks about the iPhone only briefly, just past the 28:00 mark, and says nothing about any sort of free service plans.
Update 2: I created a 300 KB MP3 consisting of just the 43-second snippet where Sigman talks about iPhone; save yourself some bandwidth.

Thursday, 25 January 2007