David Maynor Supports Gates’s Newsweek Interview

David Maynor on Bill Gates’s interview with Steven Levy in Newsweek:

The Mac community is up in arms. Bill Gates gave an interview where his fights back against some Apple’s misleading and deceptive marketing. …

Take a seat, hold your hats because I am about to make a declaration: Windows Vista is more secure than OSX 10.4.8. Anybody that tells you anything different should immediately be treated with the same disdain as finding a parking ticket on your car.

This may well be true. The problem is that Gates didn’t merely claim that Vista is more secure than Mac OS X. What Gates claimed is “Every single day, [security guys] come out with a total exploit, your [Mac] can be taken over totally.” And that’s just bullshit.

The outrage over Gates’s Newsweek interview has nothing to do with a knee-jerk reaction to the idea that Vista is more secure than Mac OS X.

Sunday, 4 February 2007