Jackass of the Week: Edgar Bronfman

Bloomberg News:

Warner Music Group Corp., the world’s fourth-largest record firm, said a plea by Apple Inc. chief executive Steve Jobs to let songs be sold on the Web without copy protection software lacks “logic or merit.”

Wrong and wrong.

Warner Music chief executive Edgar Bronfman said Jobs’s proposal that firms drop digital rights management coding on songs sold online would leave music vulnerable to piracy.

Because there is no music piracy right now.

He disputed Jobs’s claim that so-called DRM software prevents consumers from playing music purchased from rival services on different devices.

I’ll just quote Blech from 2lmc Spool:

I will give Bronfman five zillion dollars if he can show me either an iPod playing protected WMA, or a Zune playing protected AAC. (Note that I don’t actually have five zillion dollars. That’s OK, though. Bronfman doesn’t have either of those things.)

Saturday, 10 February 2007