Mongolian Teenager Throws Dell PC Out the Window

From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (via Fake Steve):

A teen who wanted an Apple Macintosh computer (Mac) for Christmas after seeing one of the ubiquitous apple ads on the apple website, but instead got to inherit his father’s older Windows PC, finally got mad early Saturday morning and threw out the inherited Dell PC out of the window in a bizarre case of life imitating “the internet world”. …

Said the dad, Mr. Tsolomon Enkhbayar, “I knew he was passionate about getting a Macintosh computer, but I never thought it was that passionate.”

When I was in college, my friend Neil threw the keyboard from his Mac SE/30 out the window of his bedroom after becoming frustrated (to say the least) with a programming assignment. His bedroom was on the second floor, and many of the keys snapped off and stopped working. The computer was still under AppleCare, so he took it in to Drexel’s campus Mac shop and told them, “It just stopped working.” The clerk examined the keyboard and asked him how all the keys came off. Neil replied, “I turned it upside down to clean it and they just fell off.” He walked out with a new keyboard.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007