David Chartier: ‘Clarification on the MacBook Wi-Fi Hack “Conspiracy”’

David Chartier at TUAW expounds upon his role covering the MacBook Wi-Fi saga. I just don’t get why George Ou ever was, let alone still remains, so upset about Chartier’s TUAW post or Jim Dalrymple’s Macworld story.

The truth is Maynor and Ellch must have “falsified” something, because at various times, to various people, they both claimed to have an exploit against the MacBook’s built-in AirPort driver and not to have an exploit against the built-in driver. Chartier’s “SecureWorks Admits to Falsifying MacBook Wireless Hack” story wasn’t exactly right, but it was more right than wrong, and this line from that post is as good a summary of the whole sad saga as any:

The problem here is that this experiment was not one of those quests for truth — it was a quest for, in the words of Mr. Colbert: truthiness.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007