The Economist May Be Confused

So there’s this article in The Economist saying Apple made a big mistake and the iPhone is doomed because it uses the relatively slow EDGE network for mobile wireless, and there’s this new Helio Ocean phone coming out later this spring for $295 and it uses EV-DO, which is faster than EDGE. (The Ocean looks like a cool phone, but notice how few of the photos show the OS.)

But then the article goes on to point out that Wi-Fi — which the iPhone supports — is faster than EV-DO, and that long-term, WiMAX looks like it’s going to kick some major ass in terms of range and data transfer speeds. Hint to those complaining about the iPhone feature set: Just because the original iPhone uses EDGE doesn’t mean all future iPhones until the end of time will use EDGE. Duh.

Saturday, 14 April 2007