iPhone Family Plans

The specifics aren’t mentioned in the press release, but the iPhone family plans are listed on Apple’s iPhone rates page. Shared minutes:

  • $80: 700 minutes
  • $100: 1400 minutes
  • $120: 2100 minutes
  • $160: 3000 minutes
  • $210: 4000 minutes
  • $310: 6000 minutes

Update: The footnote under the family rates says “Includes one line. Additional iPhone lines are $29.99 each.” Assuming that means you need to add $30/iPhone/month, a family plan for two iPhone is barely cheaper than two individual plans, and includes fewer total minutes and SMS messages.

(Slightly odd: the individual plans are priced like $59.99, but the family plans are evened out like $80.00.)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007