Steven Levy on the iPhone

Newsweek’s Steven Levy:

Of the 8 gigs on my iPhone, I now have 669 songs, one three-hour movie, three half-hour television episodes, 361 photos, and a bit of “other,” meaning e-mail and contacts.  It’s almost full.

Given that the plans start at $60/month, I can’t see many people picking the 4 GB model just to save $100. Levy has the same gripes as Pogue and Mossberg: EDGE is slow and it takes days to get used to the keyboard. Everyone seems to love iPhone Safari, though.

Levy also scored a few remarks from Steve Jobs:

During our iPhone conversation, however, Jobs professed that he wasn’t concerned about inflated hopes, and certainly not whether he would meet his own projections of 10 million sold in 2008:  “I think we’re going to blow away the expectations.”

Tuesday, 26 June 2007