FaceSpan 5 Alpha Weblog

Mark Alldritt, whose Late Night Software is behind such terrific scripting tools as Script Debugger and Affrus, took over development of FaceSpan about a year and a half ago. FaceSpan 4 is an interesting improvement, at least in some ways, over Apple’s own AppleScript Studio — but the downside is that because it’s fundamentally based on AS-Studio, it is also in many ways limited by AS-Studio’s own limitations.

Alldritt, with the help of his long-time co-conspirator Matt Neuburg, is hard at work on FaceSpan 5, a ground-up rewrite completely untethered from AppleScript Studio. I’m lucky enough to be be alpha testing it, and even at this early stage it is extraordinary. Testing is private, but Alldritt has launched a weblog to document its progress and show off some of the ways it works. If you’re interested in scripting and development tools, you’ll want to keep an eye on this.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007