Fake Steve on Fortune, BusinessWeek, and Forbes

Lots of scathing critiques and mockery of Fortune and BusinessWeek (and their writers — see here and here). E.g. this piece on BusinessWeek (with bonus digs at Business 2.0):

Dude, if I wanted to be told the obvious, I’d subscribe to BusinessWeek. (You’ve heard their new slogan? BusinessWeek: In case you missed the Journal last week.)

Not as much about Forbes, and nothing personally mocking any particular Forbes writers. But there is this piece where Bono tells Fake Steve about his stint as “guest editor” of Vanity Fair:

“Yeah, first I was gonna try and edit an edition of Forbes, seeing that I own the fookin place and all, but you know what? I tried to read some of their stories and I fookin fell asleep! No shite, Steve. I mean I really tried. No matter what, I’d fall asleep. Coffee, electrodes, toothpicks to hold up my eyelids — fookin asleep in like five minutes. […] I told dose guys you need more fookin celebrities or sumfin. Spark it up a bit. Guy tells me, Oh, no, we actually go out of our way to make it less exciting. Our average reader is like seventy-eight years old and we don’t want to scare them.

Sunday, 5 August 2007