Tom Yager: ‘Closed iPhone Opens Road for Linux Phones’

Tom Yager:

Linux developers have been dying for a phone of their own ever since Sharp killed the Zaurus Linux-based PDA. Apple’s decision to close iPhone to 3rd-party applications gave the green light to Linux phones and mobile devices. LinuxWorld Expo 2007 basked in Apple’s unwitting generosity, with one booth after another featuring fledgling mobile Linux projects prospecting for funding, direction, and developers.

“Prospecting for direction” is the only part of this I agree with. For one thing, Apple has not decided to “close iPhone to 3rd-party applications”. The iPhone is closed now; Apple has announced nothing regarding whether they intend to keep it so. As for developer enthusiasm, I see more development going on for the officially closed iPhone than for any Linux mobile phone platform I’m aware of. I’m not exactly looking for Linux mobile apps, of course, but still, it seems 180 degrees wrong to say that the iPhone is pushing developers to mobile Linux.

Thursday, 23 August 2007