Engadget Interview With Phil Schiller

Ryan Block: Speaking of taking these products around the world, especially these touch screen devices, what do you make of the iPhone software unlock, um, “market”?

Phil Schiller: [Laughter] I’m not really sure there is a market there at all or yet. So, I’d really rather not make a comment on it. But I don’t think there is a “there” there.

Maybe Schiller doesn’t read Engadget, because Block reported back on August 24 that AT&T has already lost “iPhone exclusivity” because of iPhoneSIMfree.com’s amazing software technology. Sure, it was promised for release within “24-72 hours” and that didn’t happen, and sure, just three days ago Engadget reported again that bulk orders would begin shipping on September 4, and that hasn’t happened.

But it certainly isn’t a joke that Phil Schiller should be laughing at. It was reported on Engadget.

Thursday, 6 September 2007