Washington Post Op-Ed Columnist, Who Admits He Doesn’t Own One, Writes Entire Column Complaining About iPhone Price Cut

Washington Post op-ed columnist Eugene Robinson:

If I were an iPhone owner, I’d be hopping mad. I’d be iRate.

“iRate”. That’s so funny.

This time, though, he has failed to live up to one clause in his implied contract with iPhone buyers. The sky-high price was supposed to guarantee a decent period of exclusivity. For a time, if you bought an iPhone, you were supposed to be the envy of your friends. The ability to show off all the neat things it could do was your compensation for the fact that the iPhone didn’t really change your life.

It’s hard to shake the sense that mainstream media outlets are reaching for any sort of negative angle related to Apple and the iPhone. The attitude Robinson is describing here has a name. It’s called being an asshole. His point seems to be that Apple is being a dick because they betrayed customers who enjoyed being assholes about owning a $600 iPhone.

Friday, 7 September 2007