Apple Provided GM Leopard to Journalists a Week Ago

From David Pogue’s New York Times Leopard review:

Otherwise, the only cause for pause is the usual minor set of 1.0 bugs, which Apple generally fixes with software updates after a major release. I pushed my system hard for a week using the final Leopard software, and encountered occasional glitches with Spaces, automated synching among Macs and switching programs. I also found a few programs and add-ons that will need updates to run in Leopard.

Maybe some of that software would have already been updated for Leopard compatibility if Apple had provided developers with the same access to the final version of 10.5.0 that they apparently saw fit to distribute to Pogue (and, presumably, other big-publication tech writers like Walt Mossberg and Steven Levy). Given that the GM version leaked onto Usenet and BitTorrent sites anyway, what the fuck was the point of not providing it to seeded ADC developers?

Thursday, 25 October 2007