Amazon Kindle Store

Now available for sale, alongside a few demo videos. The most interesting technical aspect is the wireless data plan — you get free unlimited EVDO networking (but only EVDO networking) with no monthly plan. You buy a Kindle and you get free wireless EVDO for life, apparently. The weight and battery life seem impressive. There is no computer synching, period. It’s a wholly independent device. All content comes via the EVDO network, and if you lose or damage your Kindle, your purchased material can be re-downloaded from Amazon.

The on-screen typography seems crude. Interesting reading device — maybe. But replacement for the book? No way. The other thing they advertise is the ability to read “blogs”, where by “blogs” they seem to mean one of 250 pre-selected weblogs. Update: And you have to pay a few bucks a month to read them. So, uh, Kindle lets you pay money for something you can read for free everywhere else.

Also, the device is white, not beige as early mock-ups indicated. But the industrial design strikes me as very ’80s nonetheless. Maybe they should have stuck with beige for the retro vibe.

Monday, 19 November 2007