Linked List: November 20, 2007

Understanding Web Design 

Jeffrey Zeldman:

The trouble is, web design, although it employs elements of graphic design and illustration, does not map to them. If one must compare the web to other media, typography would be a better choice. For a web design, like a typeface, is an environment for someone else’s expression.

Smartest essay I’ve read in weeks.

Color Decoder 1.0 

Interesting new app from Stray Cat Technology:

Color Decoder, which runs exclusively on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, identifies colors and areas of color on the computer’s screen. Though primarily intended for those lacking normal color vision, Color Decoder can help anyone analyze color usage on charts, maps, radar and other images.

Things Screencast: An Alpha Preview 

Ian Beck has a nice screencast demoing Things, Cultured Code’s upcoming todo/task manager.

999 Monkeys Short 

The Macalope, in an aside in the midst of dismantling an insipid “Apple might be forced to license Mac OS X” column by David Berlind:

The writings of Robert Scoble are like a thousand monkeys typing, short about 999 monkeys.

BusinessWeek: ‘Kindle is the iPod of Books’ 

Aaron Pressman:

But the digerati don’t get it and don’t like it and that creates a compelling investment opportunity to buy Amazon shares now. The stock market doesn’t appreciate this game changer. Kindle will be the iPod of books — you read it here first.

I say the difference is that the iPod allowed you to easily play the music you already owned, and that you could (and can to this day) buy music to play on iPods in an open format.