Just Use Magic

Dan Frommer has figured out how Palm can come back and beat the iPhone and BlackBerry: Flash.

By linking with Adobe, Palm would probably alienate its existing community of Palm OS developers, but let’s face it — that’s cutting bait at this point. If Palm and Adobe could work together on a stunning user interface and offer the massive community of Flash developers wide-open access to a solid phone platform on good-looking devices, it could be a huge hit.

Sure, and maybe they can wave the same magic wand and make chips run faster and cooler and have batteries that last for weeks without recharging. Frommer also thinks Palm’s new hardware engineering chief Jon Rubenstein was a “design guru” at Apple, when, of course, he was head of Apple’s Macintosh and, later, iPod hardware engineering divisions.

Also, by the way, there already is a Flash mobile platform, and — guess what? — it sucks compared to the mobile version of OS X.

Thursday, 13 December 2007