Adobe and Omniture: Further Details

John Nack:

Q.: Why does Adobe use a server whose name is so suspicious-looking?

A.: I’m afraid the answer is that we don’t really know.  The fact is that this SWF tracking code already existed on the Macromedia side at the time the companies merged, and it was adopted without change by a number of products for CS3.  The people who wrote the code originally did not document why they used that server name, and we can’t find anyone who remembers.  I’m sorry we aren’t able to provide a more solid, definitive explanation.

Q.: Follow-on: Given that you can’t give a good reason why Adobe is using a server whose name is so suspicious, are you going to change the name?

A.: Absolutely. […]

Kudos to Nack for the way he’s dealt with this.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008