Sure, Everyone Loves IE

Michael Calore speculating on the possibility of browsers other than MobileSafari once the iPhone SDK ships:

Safari is a great browser and all, but many are itching to see other browsers like Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer (don’t scoff, there are plenty of reasons) running on their Apple gadgets.

Firefox (or at least something Gecko-based)? Sure. Opera? Maybe. But IE? “Many”? I’d say the number of iPhone users who wish there were a version of IE for it is zero.

Update: A couple of emails from readers who say they’d want this, as they need to access web sites that only work in IE. Back when Mac IE was the default and dominant Mac web browser, most IE-only web sites only worked in Windows IE, because they depended on Windows-only Active X stuff. So, sure, if by “iPhone version of IE” you mean “iPhone version of IE that somehow works with web sites that depend on Windows-only components”, sure some people want that. Isn’t going to happen, though.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008