Great. Expectations.

John Siracusa on the Stevenote prognostication game:

So here we are again, with MWSF 2008 looming. Do you feel like you know pretty much everything that will be announced, plus or minus a few surprises that won’t be all that interesting to you anyway? (“Starbucks + WiMAX: Stimulants any time, anywhere!™”) I know I do, and it’s a feeling I’ve had for the past few keynotes. If I let myself get any more optimistic, I’ll just be that much more disappointed in the end.

This leads me to one inevitable conclusion: an upcoming keynote is going to blow us all away. Maybe not this one, maybe not the next one, but soon. Why? Because we’re ready, and we’re due.

Good piece, as usual, but for me at least, last year’s Macworld keynote was that “keynote we’re always hoping for”. The whole thing was totally unexpected, start to finish. Three minutes in and “We’re not going to talk about the Mac today”? No iTunes status update? And while some people were expecting an announcement of an Apple phone, no one was expecting the mythical “stripped-down lightweight version of OS X” phone that we actually got.

Saturday, 12 January 2008