Talking About AT&T’s Internet Filtering on AT&T’s ‘The Hugh Thompson Show’

Boing Boing Gadget’s Joel Johnson:

Yesterday, I was invited to talk about gadgets on The Hugh Thompson Show, a television-style talk show sponsored exclusively by AT&T for distribution on the online AT&T Tech Channel. I eventually did talk about gadgets, but in light of AT&T’s shocking and baffling announcement of their plans to filter the internet, I thought that a much more interesting and important topic.

So that’s what I talked about.


So let’s play “Who’s the Better Independent Tech Journalist?” In one corner, Johnson, who confronted AT&T on their own turf to draw attention to their odious net-snooping plans. In the other corner, Brian Lam and Gizmodo, whose “homage to the notion of independence and independent reporting” was to sabotage promotional presentations and humiliate innocent spokespeople by turning off their TV sets at CES.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008