NSURLConnection Crashing Epidemic on 10.4.11

Daniel Jalkut:

If you’re a developer and your application uses WebKit or NSURLConnection, chances are you’ve noticed an increase in crash reports, too. Always on 10.4.11, always involving NSURLConnection. If you’re a user running 10.4.11, chances are you’ve noticed that network-enabled applications seem to be a bit more flakey and crash-prone.

The fact that the bug seems to be fixed in Leopard makes me think that this is a bug whose source was identified and fixed. Now the question is, will Apple ever ship a 10.4.12 containing a fix? Or will those users be stuck in crash-ville forever?

Michael Tsai dittos the bug. Maybe they’ll sneak a fix in as a security update? Somehow I doubt we’re going to see a 10.4.12 release.

Thursday, 24 January 2008