MacBreak Weekly 75, Follows Up on MacHeist

Phill Ryu from MacHeist and Andrew Welch of Ambrosia Software (whose Snapz Pro X was included in this year’s MacHeist bundle) respond to criticism of MacHeist’s business model. Welch makes the best case for it I’ve heard, which is that it’s not about the money, at least primarily, but about the promotional value.

I will point out that I stand completely behind my reporting on what developers made last year. Phill Ryu mentioned in this show that my numbers last were “labeled as speculation”, but that’s not the case. My estimates regarding MacHeist’s advertising expenditures and hosting costs were speculative, but my numbers regarding developer payments were based on first-hand sources. Gus Mueller is on the record, publicly, that he was offered $5,000 as a flat fee, that it was non-negotiable, and that all developers were supposedly getting the same deal. (To reiterate, that’s last year, not this year.)

Wednesday, 30 January 2008