Aperture 2 Introduces Plugin API for Image Editing

Way at the bottom of his Aperture 2 overview, David Schloss writes:

Apple has added the ability to create editing plug-ins for Aperture, which will, over time, revolutionize the program. Having an edit plug-in interface means that Aperture users will be able to do just about anything to their images. It’ll be possible to create plug-ins that replicate film effects, add borders, allow for selective edits like dodging and burning—the possibilities are pretty endless.

This is huge, but I can’t find any mention of it from Apple itself. Perhaps they’re waiting until they have plugin developers on board to promote it. It’s a big deal because if it takes off, it will obviate the need to use Photoshop for many purposes — and that’s something Adobe may not be willing to do, feature-politics-wise, with Lightroom.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008