Don’t Make Me Dig Up All Those Stories From the Past Year Wherein iPhone Doubters Warned Us That Helio Was a Serious Threat

Owen Thomas at Valleywag reports:

Helio has hired Goldman Sachs, we hear. Signing up a banker is usually a sign that a company is putting itself up for sale.

I wonder why Microsoft bought Danger — whose Hiptop mobile software architecture is based on Java — rather than Helio, whose phones appeal to the same target audience as Danger’s but which (the phones) are based on Windows Mobile. I really can’t see what Microsoft plans to do with Danger. What are they going to do with a Java platform?

Update: I was wrong. Apparently Helio’s system is Java-based, too. Not sure why I thought it was based on Windows Mobile. Sure is ugly, though.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008