GrApple — Safari-Style Themes for Firefox 3.0

The Firefox 3.0 betas ship with a new visual theme called Proto that both looks better and more Leopard-like than the default for previous versions of Firefox. But: I still don’t really like it. It’s a bit too busy; the tabs in particular strike me as too fussy and too big, and, worst of all, the close button is still on the wrong side of the tabs.

Theme designer “Aronnax” has two Safari-3-derived themes for Firefox 3: GrApple Delicious and GrApple Yummy. I’m using GrApple Yummy and liking it. (From the looking a gift horse in the mouth dept.: I sort of dislike that both themes look too much like Safari. It gets confusing if you have both Firefox and Safari open at the same time.)

Both themes are free, but Aronnax has a PayPal tip jar. Well worth a nice donation.

Monday, 24 March 2008