More on Localized Folder Names

Jory K. Prum, on the confusion resulting from localized folder names in Mac OS X:

Can I create a directory named “Desktop” in ~ when the Desktop folder is called “Skrivebord”? Can I create a “Skrivebord” directory when there’s already one in the home directory?

The answer is simple and the results just add to the confusion of the clusterfuck: I cannot create a folder called “Desktop” in ~ even when the localized one is called something else, as I am told by the Finder (in Norwegian, in this case) that there is already a folder with the same name! Of course, the user cannot see this folder name being used, so there’s a great source of confusion.

But it gets better! I can create a directory called “Skrivebord”, which leaves me with TWO directories of the same name within the same folder.

Monday, 21 April 2008