New Digs for The Deck

The Deck moves to its own domain and a swell new design by Jim Coudal. Even better, new member sites: Chip Kidd (!), Dean Allen, Ze Frank, and Aviary. I was going to say something flattering about these sites, but Zeldman did it for me, with more flair.

When I joined The Deck just a bit over two years ago, DF was the fourth site in the network. Now, there are 29. But the basic idea remains the same:

Each one of these principles is contrary to the conventional wisdom in web advertising — most sites that draw revenue from advertising attempt to cram as many ads as possible on each page, in as big and garish a format as possible. Yet I feel strongly that our policies make for a superior experience both for you, the reader, who is neither distracted by animation nor insulted by “punch the monkey” nonsense, and for the sponsors, who do not have to compete for attention from other advertisers on the same page.

Friday, 2 May 2008