Adriaan Tijsseling Sells Ecto to IllumineX

In a forum post, the author of the weblog editor Ecto writes:

The official announcement will be made soon (once we’ve moved and set up the infrastructure), but yes, I’ve sold ecto to illumineX for a variety of reasons I will explain in a blog post accompanying the official announcement. It’s a move that’s definitely for the best. I’m also still involved with ecto on a consultation basis.

Illuminex is the company that bought Freshly Squeezed Software from Brad Miller and Erik Barzeski and then did nothing with it, including even letting the domain name lapse.

Update: More from Barzeski, including a gracious comment from MarsEdit developer Daniel Jalkut. Update 2: Illuminex CEO Gary Longsine comments on the acquisition at Will Benton’s weblog.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008