Linked List: June 20, 2008

Andy Baio Interviews Alan Taylor, Creator of Boston Globe’s The Big Picture 

Terrific interview with the guy behind the best new weblog in ages, The Big Picture.

Brilliant Like a Fox 

Andy Ihnatko’s effusive Firefox 3 review for the Chicago Sun-Times.

MDIs on the Mac 

Lukas Mathis on the growing trend of Mac apps that allow multiple “documents” to be opened within a single window.

.Mac to MobileMe Transition FAQ 

Confirms that usernames will transfer over:

In addition to your email address, you will also get an address at with the same username when MobileMe is available. For example, if your current email is [email protected], you will get [email protected] You can send from whichever address you choose.

Craig Hockenberry on the Jailbreak Market 

The iPhone jailbreak market might get squeezed from both sides: from the official iPhone SDK and App Store (on the side of UI polish and commercial opportunity); and from Android (on the side of openness and executing whatever code you want).

Apple’s MobileMe Drops Support for IE 6 

I missed this bit of news about MobileMe.

Lego Fun Snacks 

Gabe at Penny Arcade: “I would love to know what sick bastard at Kellogs came up with this genius idea.”

Dan Frommer on the Future of the Jailbreak Market 

Dan Frommer speculates on the future of the iPhone jailbreak app market. I didn’t mean to suggest that the official SDK/App Store would completely kill jailbreaking, but I do think it will relegate jailbreaking to obscurity.


My thanks to JNSoftware for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. They have a slew of apps and utilities for Mac OS X, including Dialectic, a phone dialer that integrates with Address Book and any sort of phone — landline, mobile, or VOIP.

Through July 31, 2008, Daring Fireball readers get 20 percent off the purchase of any JNSoftware product with the coupon code “DF20”. 

“The website dedicated to webfonts & @font-face embedding”; includes a list of fonts with licenses that allow for embedding. (Thanks to Joe Clark.)

Joshua Schachter Leaving Yahoo 

Leaving even before the long-awaited Delicious 2.0 ships.