This Supposed Apple-Rogers ‘Spat’ Smells Like Bullshit to Me


Apple, disgusted with Rogers Wireless for dumping egregious service plans on would-be iPhone 3G buyers, has decided that its Canadian retail stores will have no part in helping the carrier market the new handset to customers, AppleInsider has learned.

The Rogers iPhone plans do seem terrible, but the idea that this has caused friction between Apple and Rogers implies that Apple had no idea what Rogers’s iPhone plans would look like when they signed the contract. Highly unlikely. Apple executives may well agree that the Rogers plans stink, but I don’t buy that they were surprised by them.

And as Scott McNulty reports:

Looks like this is just a tempest in a teapot. After looking at the iPhone pages for countries where Apple has retails stores (UK, Japan, Italy, and Australia) it looks like you won’t be able to buy an iPhone in any non-US Apple Stores. Everyone can stop freaking out now.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008