Walt Mossberg on MobileMe

Walt Mossberg:

Unfortunately, after a week of intense testing of the service, I can’t recommend it, at least not in its current state. It’s a great idea, but, as of now, MobileMe has too many flaws to keep its promises.

I am not referring to the launch glitches that plagued MobileMe earlier this month, such as servers that couldn’t keep up with the traffic and email outages that, for some users, persist as I write this. Those were bad, but they have eased considerably. Apple already has apologized for them and is giving customers an extra 30 days on their subscriptions to make up for the poor start. The problems I am citing are systemic.

My biggest complaint about the MobileMe web apps is that after logging in, everything goes over HTTP, not HTTPS. Google offers HTTPS for free, but MobileMe costs $100 a year.

Thursday, 24 July 2008