Dell Getting Back Into MP3 Player Market?

The Wall Street Journal (I’m linking to Google News, because the link from them gets you past the Journal pay wall):

In recent months, Dell has been testing a digital music player that could go on sale as early as September, said several Dell officials. Launching the player — along with an online download service and related software — would be part of a strategy that Dell Chief Executive Michael Dell hopes will move the company into a broader range of consumer markets than it has served before.


Rob Enderle, an industry analyst whom Dell hired to consult on the new entertainment strategy, said he is still discussing with Dell whether profits would come mainly from the subscription service or from devices tied to it.

I don’t see how things can go wrong for Dell with Rob Enderle on board.

Update: Reader Julian Lawton, via email: “I’m thinking of the episode of The Simpsons where they let Homer design a car.”

Wednesday, 30 July 2008